July 2024 Festivals in the Philippines

Watatrip - July 2024 Festivals in Philippines

Ready to Experience the Best Festivals in the Philippines this July 2024? 🌟

Pack your bags and mark your calendars for an unforgettable journey through the Philippines’ most vibrant festivals happening this July!

From cultural parades to lively street dances, here are the must-see events this month, along with top accommodation recommendations in the area:

  1. Pagoda Festival – First Sunday of July (July 7, 2024), in Bocaue, Bulacan

Join the grand fluvial parade with beautifully decorated pagodas on the Wawa River.

“The Pagoda sa Wawa fluvial festival is held in Bocaue, Bulacan, every first Sunday of July. It is a religious event where hundreds of devotees unite to pay homage to the Holy Cross of Wawa.” (Source: MDPI.com)

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Watatrip July2024 Festivals 02
Pagoda Festival – July 2024 // Watatrip

  1. Lubid Festival – July 8-16, 2024, in Malilipot, Albay

Malilipot, Albay’s Lubid Festival, which takes place from July 8-16, 2024, honors the town’s rich cultural history as well as its valuable abaca hemp resource. There will be a range of activities at this event, including a job fair, educational sessions, sports competitions, and the Kalipi Dance Showdown. By showcasing the community’s skill and ecological agricultural methods, it pays tribute to the vital role that abaca plays in the local economy. The celebration highlights the identity of Malilipot and the continuing significance of abaca to its way of life.

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Watatrip July2024 Festivals 03
Lubid Festival – July 2024 // Watatrip

  1. T’nalak Festival – July 18, 2024, in South Cotabato

The T’nalak Festival, held every July in Koronadal City, South Cotabato, celebrates the region’s rich cultural heritage. Named after the t’nalak cloth woven by T’boli women, the festival symbolizes unity among the diverse ethnic groups in the province. Highlighting the festival are various events such as parades, fun runs, and competitions, all culminating in a grand fireworks display. The festival also honors Lang Dulay, a renowned T’boli weaver, acknowledging her contribution to preserving this traditional art form.

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Watatrip July2024 Festivals 04
T’nalak Festival – July 2024 // Watatrip

  1. Libon Paroy Festival – July 22-25, 2024, in Libon, Albay

”The festival, celebrated every July, reflects on the town’s main source of living ”paroy” or rice and known as the rice granary of Albay. It features various activities including street parade, sports fest, longest tilapia and corn grill, and many more.” (Source: Albay.gov.ph)

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Watatrip July2024 Festivals 05
Libon Paroy Festival – July 2024 // Watatrip

  1. Grand Kaliga Festival – July 23, 2024, in Gingoog City

Celebrate the city’s charter anniversary with cultural performances and local competitions.

““KALIGA”  means thanksgiving for the Gingoognons. This colorful and  joyous festival of Abundance and Prosperity, also looks back at the city’s MANOBO and Higaonon roots, their culture and traditions through rituals and street dancing. The festive Kaliga is also the Gingoogonon’s expression of gratefulness to the Almighty’s undying Love and continued  Blessings.” (Source: Gingoog.gov.ph)

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Grand Kaliga – July 2024 // Watatrip

  1. Kinabayo Festival – July 25, 2024, in Dapitan City

Witness the historical reenactments of the Battle of Covadonga with spectacular parades.

“Kinabayo is an annual observance of Dapitan  City’s Fiesta in honor of Saint James “the Greater and the Moor Slayer”.  Held every July, Sinug and Kinabayo have become a festivity. Sinug’ is purely veneration using San Francisco Leaves raised high, dancing through the rhythm of the gong or beating of drums as the throng of devotees brings the saint’s image to his chapel. On the other hand, Kinabayo is a unique dramatization of the triumph of the Catholic faith over Mohammedanism believed to have happened through the intercession of the saint in view of his apparition during the battles of Clavijo and Covadonga and the appearance of the Lady of the Pilar.  Modernity has added more color to the festival with the allegorical dance drama presentation of the two events.” (Source: TPB.gov.ph)

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Watatrip July2024 Festivals 07
Kinabayo Festival – July 2024 // Watatrip

  1. Sinulog de Tanjay Festival – July 25, 2024, in Negros Oriental.

The Sinulog sa Tanjay festival, held in Tanjay City, Negros Oriental, every July, commemorates the town’s history and cultural heritage. The festival highlights the town’s gratitude for bountiful harvests, particularly rice, which is used to create the famous bodbod delicacy. It features vibrant events, including the reenactment of the historic battle between Christians and Moors, modern festivities like beauty pageants, live bands, and food booths. The festival not only celebrates religious history but also showcases the community’s culinary and cultural traditions.

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Sinulog de Tanjay Festival – July 2024 // Watatrip

Make sure to book your stay early and dive into the heart of Filipino culture. These festivals are not just events; they are experiences that you will cherish forever. 🇵🇭✨

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