Reinventing Pinoy Cuisine:5 Restaurants Offering Filipino Food with a Twist

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For years, Filipino cuisine has warmed hearts and satisfied palates with its rich flavors and comforting recipes. But, the gastronomic sphere in the Philippines is continuously doing delightful transitions when it comes to giving Filipino dishes flair. 

This blog explores some restaurants that have innovated Filipino cuisine. Prepare to discover new twists on classics, creative uses of local products, and a celebration of Filipino flavors with a contemporary touch. We’ll be discovering both hidden gems and well-known classics, all while pushing the boundaries of what Filipino cuisine can be. So, put down your lumpia (for a second!) and join us on this tasty voyage! 

Sentro 1771

“Balik-Pinoy Taste” is what Sentro 1771 offers with their menu of Filipino cuisine with a  contemporary touch. They describe themselves as the “epitome of Filipino convivialité de la table” , which means “the pleasure of eating together” in French. They are known for their innovative take on Filipino cuisine that blend Western and Asian flavors.

Taking the spotlight is their Corned Beef Sinigang. The thick and sour broth of their Corned Beef Sinigang is a local favorite because it wonderfully complements the beef. If you also want to eat GG with a twist, then you shouldn’t miss their Rated GG. You also must try their other dishes like the Sentro Bagoong Rice and Sotanghon Guisado. 

Visit any of their branches at Capitol Commons in Pasig, Greenbelt 5 in Makati, and One Bonifacio High Street Mall in BGC. 


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Sentro 1771 // Watatrip


When you think about the name “Crisostomo” what comes to mind? For sure the main character in Jose Rizal’s classic book Noli Me Tangere pops up. Guess what? The Crisostomo restaurant is actually heavily inspired by the novel and everything Rizal. This restaurant in Metro Manila takes classic Pinoy dishes and adds a modern spin, inspired by all the cultures that have influenced Filipino cuisine over time. To create distinctive Filipino meals, it also draws inspiration from other cuisines and combines it with regional flavors. 

You should try Protacio’s Pride, baked New Zealand mussels with garlic and cheese; Tinapa ni Tiburcio, smoked milkfish with salted egg in lumpia wrapper; Sinuglaw Tarcilo; Joaquin, tender beef bulalo with mushroom gravy; Sinigang Mestizo; and Munggo de Mariano, monggo with Macao chorizo topped with chicharon. They also have different versions of Kare-kare and paella and many more dishes for sharing. 


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Crisostomo // Watatrip

Manam Comfort Filipino Food

The restaurant Manam, originally known as NamNam, serves both conventional home cooking and inventive spins on it. Established by The Moment Group, Manam Comfort Filipino Food features a curated selection of well-loved dishes prepared with fresh ingredients and presented with a modern touch. Diners can expect familiar favorites like adobo and sisig alongside innovative creations that showcase Filipino flavors in a new light, such as their sinigang with watermelon. 

Some of the dishes you must try here, assuming you haven’t yet, are Sizzling Corned Beef Belly Kansi, Shiitake & Tofu Kare-kare, made with shiitake mushrooms, tofu, banana heart, and gulay, Crispy Pancit Palabok, Caramelized Patis Wings, and Crispy Pork Sisig. 

Manam is committed to producing high quality and welcoming space perfect for a light lunch, a big dinner, or simply finding flavors that remind you of home. They have several branches distributed in different locations in Metro Manila, which makes it a favorite to many lovers of Filipino cuisine.



Locavore offers locally grown and produced Filipino cuisine with a French twist. The restaurant celebrates occasions the Filipino way with its family style approach as it offers classic Filipino food with a twist.

Filipino comfort food gets a delightful makeover here like their sisig with unique twist as their version made with fresh oysters. If you’re feeling adventurous, dive into a kilawin sampler platter and explore the vibrant world of this Filipino raw seafood dish prepared in a different way. They have food in their menu that are considered classics but reinvented with new flair. Some of which that you must try are Octadobo, an octopus adobo dish with adlai paella negra, labuyo aioli, pickled radish, fish skin chicharon, and tobiko; Torta that comes in two variants ~ alimasag and talaba; the famous, Sizzling Sinigang and Kimchinigang. 


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Locavore // Watatrip

XO 46 Heritage Bistro

XO 46 Tradition Bistro is a restaurant that celebrates the authentic and growing traditions of Philippine food. The word “XO 46” is a combination of the phrase “extra old” and the country code for the Philippines. The restaurant specializes in showcasing traditional Filipino cuisine from various parts of the country, demonstrating how diverse the country’s culinary cultures are. The design and styling at XO 46 Heritage Bistro have origins in the Philippines, while providing an atmosphere that typically ensures a homey ambience.

Here are some of the dishes that you must try at XO 46 Heritage Bistro: Bangus Salpicao, filleted fresh Bangus tossed in breading and fried to crispy perfection; Crispy Pata XO style, Sisig Kapampangan, Bangus Salpicao, and Adobong Batangas sa Atsuete. 


Mesa Filipino Moderne 

Mr. Rikki U. Dee, a visionary, struck gold when his concept became one of the “Best Filipino Restaurants” in this country. With the simple goal of expanding a developing business that celebrates the finest of Filipino cuisine in mind, he was able to open a restaurant noted for its enjoyable concoction of Filipino dishes.

The Lamesa Group’s restaurant concept, Mesa Filipino Moderne, is noted for its unique interpretations on classic Filipino meals with an Asian touch. They started its first branch in 2009 at Greenbelt 5 and have since spread to many places throughout Metro Manila. It offers a good balance of familiar flavors with innovative twists, all prepared with fresh ingredients and presented with Filipino hospitality.

Did you know that the restaurant has received prominent awards from Taste Atlas, such as “Best Binakol in the Philippines” and “Best Crispchon in the World?” Mesa is also recognized as one of the “Best Filipino Restaurants” in the Philippines for twelve (12) consecutive years by Philippine Tatler and “Best Retailer of the Year” by the Department of Trade and Industry in collaboration with the Philippine Retailers Association. (Source:

So, might we suggest that if you’re thinking of what to order here, try those award-winning dishes above, and many more? You’ll surely love it. 


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