9 Nature Getaways Near Manila 


Escape the hustle and embrace the rustle! 🍃

In a world buzzing with screens and schedules, a nature getaway is your ticket to rekindling your bond with the great outdoors. Imagine trading traffic for trails, Wi-Fi for birdsong. It’s not just a break; it’s a breath of fresh air for your soul. 

So, leave the worries behind, pack your curiosity, and let the trees be your skyscrapers. 🌳🚗

Nature’s calling, and it’s time to answer with a heart full of adventure! 

Here are 9 places near Metro Manila that are perfect for a nature getaway: 

Aranya Resorts 

Aranya Resort is a luxurious, glamping resort located in Doña Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan. A hidden gem nestled in the woodlands of DRT, it’s an idyllic sanctuary that is just a few hours’ drive from the metro.

Known for its breathtaking natural settings, eco-friendly architecture, and opulent lodgings, the resort features a variety of accommodation options, including white lauan villas, cliffside villas with private infinity pools, lagoon huts, and gazebos. 

Hamog Dine In Resto offers delightful Filipino food cooked with fresh, local ingredients, while H Bar is a great spot to unwind and have a drink with friends.

The resto also has meditation decks if you’re up for some introspection and to have some quiet time to think, relax, and clear your mind.

Aranya Resorts is the perfect place to relax and escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It is a great place to reconnect with nature and enjoy the peace and quiet of the countryside.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/aranyaresortph
Website: aranyaresortsph.com

Treasure Mountain

Tanay, Rizal, is home to Treasure Mountain, a well-liked trekking and camping area. It is well-known for its scenic views of the Sierra Madre Mountains, arid climate, and numerous outdoor activities. 

The mountain is a popular camping and trekking site, with a variety of trails for all skill levels. The Treasure Mountain Trail is the most well-known, a 20-30 minute easy hike to the summit from which you may enjoy beautiful views of the area surrounding it. 

Treasure Mountain, in addition to hiking, provides additional outdoor activities such as camping, stargazing, and bonfires. 

If you want to stay overnight, there are various options nearby, including tents, cottages, and hotels.

Website: https://www.facebook.com/TreasureMountainTanay

Nurture Wellness Village

In Tagaytay, there is a wellness resort called Nurture Wellness Village. It is renowned for its tranquil environment in nature, holistic therapies, and wellness initiatives. 

The retreat offers a range of lodging options, from contemporary suites and rooms to traditional Filipino-style villas, all of which are created with your comfort and relaxation in mind. 

Wellness services, such as reflexology, acupuncture, massages, and body treatments, are also offered here.

Nurture Health Village is well-known for its diverse range of health and wellness activities, which include yoga and meditation classes, detoxification programs, and weight loss programs, among others. 

These programs are meant to help improve physical, mental, and emotional well-being and balance.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/nurturewellnessvillage
Website: http://nurture.com.ph

Hinulugang Taktak Nature & Adventure Park

Hinulugang Taktak Nature & Adventure Park has a cascading waterfall that empties into a natural pool where guests can swim and have fun. The name “Hinulugang Taktak” translates to “where the bell was dropped” in Filipino.

Located in Antipolo, Rizal, it’s known for its natural beauty and historical significance. The waterfall area was once known for its pristine waters and scenic surroundings, attracting people for recreational activities and picnics. However, due to urbanization and pollution over the years, the site faced environmental challenges that led to a decline in its water quality. To date, rehabilitation efforts to restore Hinulugang Taktak to its former glory is on-going. 

Apart from its natural appeal, Hinulugang Taktak also holds historical significance. It was declared a National Historical Shrine in 1952, recognizing its role in the Philippine Revolution. The site served as a refuge and hideout for Filipino revolutionaries during the fight for independence against Spanish colonizers.

Additionally, there is a visitor center where people may find out more about the history, geology, and ecology of the park.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/HTNatureAdventurePark/

Nature Escape Camp

A campground called Nature Escape Camp is situated in Tanay, Rizal. 

Surrounded by lush forests and mountains, there are several hiking trails in the area. 

Guests can also go swimming in the camp’s river or visit the nearby Daraitan Falls, as well as do activities like kayaking and river rafting.

You can unwind in the surrounding scenery or take part in workshops and team-building activities.  

Camping options are available at Nature Escape Camp for both individuals and groups. You can choose to stay in a tent, an a-hut, or a cottage. Visitors may also bring their own tent.

FB: Nature Escape Camp

Masasa Beach

Dip in the crystal-clear turquoise waters at Masasa Beach, a beach in Tingloy, Batangas.

Masasa Beach is a remote location, but it is still reachable via public transit. The most convenient method to get there is to take a bus from Manila to San Juan. Tingloy Island may be reached by ferry from San Juan. You can ride a tricycle to Masasa Beach once you get to Tingloy.

You can also board a boat from Mabini, Batangas’ Anilao Port to go to Masasa Beach. The travel time may reach up to an hour. 

The beach is open from sunrise to sunset. There is no entrance fee, but there is a small fee for parking. 

Aside from swimming, you can also go island hopping to nearby islands and visit the Maricaban Lighthouse.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/byahengpooritanilachicamaria.ph/

Bato Springs Resort

Bato Springs Resort is one of the well-known hot springs in Barangay San Cristobal, San Pablo City, Laguna. 

Many people go to hot springs because they believe in their natural healing properties. The hot springs are a great way to soothe sore muscles and the swimming pool is a great place to cool off. 

With its beautiful scenery, plus a wide range of outdoor activities, this is an amazing spot for some peace and quiet. 

Surrounded by lush greenery, this resort not only has a natural spring pool where you may swim and unwind, but also several pools with varied temperatures – from hot to cold. 

If you want to stay here overnight, there are  few cottages, villas, and rooms available for families, groups, and whatnot. The place also has event spaces and facilities perfect for team-building exercises. With activities like hiking, rappelling, zip line, and kayaking, it’s definitely a fun place for everyone! 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/batospringsresort


Domescape is a glamping resort located in Nasugbu, Batangas, offering a unique glamping experience in geodesic domes. 

At Domescape, the domes come completely furnished, with private bathrooms, air conditioning, and comfy beds. Each dome includes a seating-equipped outdoor deck, which is the ideal place to take in the breathtaking views of the mountains and surrounding landscape. 

The resort offers both indoor activities such as board games and karaoke as well as outdoor activities such as hiking in the area, such as the Mt. Gulugod Baboy route, and mountain biking. Of course, there’s a pool where you may cool off and relax. 

There is also a restaurant serving both Filipino and international food, as well as a bar where you may unwind with a drink while admiring the natural surroundings.

The best part, this getaway is only 2-hours away from Manila, so if you’re looking for the quick escape, this is it. 

FB: https://www.facebook.com/domescape.ph/?_rdc=1&_rdr

The Farm At San Benito, Batangas

The Farm at San Benito is a haven of wellness and serenity tucked away in Lipa City, Batangas. 

This lush eco-sanctuary invites guests to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul amidst tropical gardens and tranquil surroundings adhering to eco-friendly policies, and all-encompassing wellness initiatives. 

Renowned for its holistic approach to health, the resort offers an array of wellness programs, spa treatments, and organic cuisine. From yoga retreats to detox experiences, The Farm nurtures well-being in harmony with nature. 

Best to bring comfortable attire for yoga and other exercise activities along with a swimsuit for the pool if you plan on visiting The Farm. 

The resort has a firm no-smoking policy and prohibits the consumption of alcohol of any kind.

With luxurious accommodations and a commitment to sustainable practices, it’s a sanctuary where relaxation and healing intertwine, providing a transformative escape from the demands of modern life.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/thefarmatsanbenito

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