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When gray skies loom and raindrops dance on the windowpane, there’s no need to let the weather dampen your wanderlust. 

Enjoy the rainy days with our guide to essential travel companions that will turn a drizzly day into a delightful adventure. From waterproof gear that keeps you dry to cozy comforts that enhance your rainy day experience, we’ve got you covered. 

Here are some products from local brands or are available for local purchase that you can check out: 

🌧️ Tolsen Tools Philippines makes a high-quality raincoat that can protect you when it rains. You may get this on their website for Php520 only.

🌧️ Conquer Outdoor Equipment’s waterproof travel bag keeps your valuables safe from rain. Philippines-based Conquer makes high-quality gear for all outdoor activities, including ones that are perfect for rainy days. Check their Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/officialconqueroutdoorph/.

🌧️ To minimize slippage or pain while walking on highways and off-the-beaten-paths, use water-resistant footwear. We recommend Hydro Flex from World Balance, a footwear that’s durable and flexible, making it ideal for any activity. Prices go as low as Php1,399 for men and P1,350 for women. FB: https://www.facebook.com/worldbalance/ 

🌧️ When it’s raining there’s a greater number of mosquitoes and other insects, especially outdoors. Hence, slathering on an insect repellant is a must. Check out Cadentia Nature Anti-Moustiques for only P465 available at Watsons.

🌧️ Of course, how can a rainy day essentials list be complete without a trusty umbrella? For high quality and sturdy ones, you may want to check out Phil Alliance Umbrellas. Visit their website for their wide selection of umbrellas.

🌧️ For jackets, we recommend visiting a Bench store for some affordable but good quality ones. For as low as Php470, you may choose one that not only suits your style, but also does a good job in keeping you fuzzy and warm. Don’t have time to go to a physical store? Shop online!

🌧️ The travel medical kit is also one of the things that you should consider bringing with you whether you’re traveling on a rainy or sunny day because accidents happen. MedShop’s Elite Bags KIDLE’S the waist & leg first-aid kit is one of their best because it’s compact but holds a lot of medical supplies. 

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