8 Places to Go to in Davao City

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Buckle up for an adventure in Davao City, Philippines! This southern Philippine metropolis is not your typical beach destination. The “King City of the South” is loud, it’s proud, and it’s got something for everyone.

Durian. Eagles. Chocolate rivers (perhaps not rivers, but close enough). Want to climb up a volcano? Done. Want to cuddle a tarsier (the world’s smallest primate, FYI) or see how chocolate is made from bean to bar? You’ve got it.

Davao City promises an extraordinary trip, with sky-high mountains, wild eagles, and plenty of wonderful food to satisfy your taste buds.

Where to go in Davao City


In the heart of Davao City lies a haven of green and culture – the People’s Park. This 4-hectare urban oasis is more than just a park; it’s a vibrant tapestry woven with natural beauty, artistic expression, and a touch of the unexpected.

Dominating the landscape is the iconic Durian Dome, a visitor center mirroring the city’s famed spiky fruit. Stepping inside, you’ll be greeted by exhibits that unveil Davao’s rich heritage and environmental initiatives. But the true magic lies outdoors. Wander through the park’s well-manicured paths and lose yourself in a symphony of sights and sounds, its lush foliage that forms a mini-forest, offering a cool respite from the tropical sun. There’s also a cascading man-made falls that adds up to a calming atmosphere, while a vibrant fishpond adds a splash of color.

For the art enthusiasts, the park becomes an open-air gallery. Sculptures by renowned Mindanao artist Kublai Millan depict the indigenous people of the region, their forms coming alive amidst the greenery.

The park caters to everyone. You can go here with your families, even if you have small children as the park has a playground. If you’re a fitness buff, you can utilize the open space and jog. 

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Watatrip // 8 Places to Go to in Davao City

At night, the park transforms as the dancing fountain comes alive with a mesmerizing display of water and light, perfect for a romantic stroll or a family picnic under the starlit sky.

People’s Park demonstrates Davao’s dedication to its people and the environment. Entrance is free, making it accessible to everyone. Students practice for school activities, friends catch up, and inhabitants relax amidst the urban jungle. It’s a location that values community and the simple pleasures of life.

After all, a journey to Davao wouldn’t be complete without experiencing the city’s distinct identity, and People’s Park provides a delightful start.


Davao City isn’t your average tourist destination. Riverfront Crocodile Park proves it! Forget boring zoos – here, crocodiles sunbathe like they’re A-listers and monkeys swing with a major attitude.

But the crocs are just the start. This park’s a wild kingdom with cheeky monkeys, enormous birds, and live shows that would put Cirque du Soleil to shame.

Feeling souvenir-happy? Snag a croc plushie or a hilarious “I Survived the Davao Crocs!” tee. Just remember, friends: fences are your friends here. This ain’t no petting zoo – it’s a croc-tastic adventure!

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Watatrip // 8 Places to Go to in Davao City


Ditch the usual tourist traps and head to the foothills of Mount Apo in Davao City. There, situated amidst lush rainforests, awaits a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Philippine Eagle Center (PEC). The PEC is a living, breathing sanctuary for the majestic Philippine Eagle, the country’s national bird and a true avian rockstar.

Imagine strolling through a recreated rainforest, sunlight dappling the path as you weave between towering trees. Look up! You might just spot a silhouette perched high on a branch – it’s the Philippine Eagle, with its fierce yellow eyes and a wingspan wider than most adults! Don’t worry, these guys are in good hands. The PEC is a world-renowned conservation center, dedicated to protecting these endangered eagles and their rainforest home.

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Watatrip // 8 Places to Go to in Davao City

But the PEC is more than just an eagle-spotting location, (though, let’s be honest, that’s pretty darn cool), there are other attractions to see here such as: 

  • Raptors in Flight Show: Witness the raw power and grace of these birds of prey as they swoop and soar through a designated area. You might even get a chance to see them snatch a tasty (and fake!) mid-air snack – it’s a real thrill!
  • Meet the Neighbors: The Philippine Eagle isn’t the only star here. The PEC is home to a whole menagerie of fascinating creatures, from the Philippine Serpent Eagle, with its snake-like neck, to the adorable and cheeky Philippine Tarsier, the world’s smallest primate.
  • Walk on the Wild Side: Take a peek at the different habitats within the PEC. The Raptor Garden houses rescued birds of prey, while the Talon Alley lets you see these magnificent creatures up close (safely behind a barrier, of course!).

The PEC goes beyond entertainment. You’ll learn about the threats these birds face and the crucial role the PEC plays in their conservation. So ditch the beach (for a while) and explore the wild side of Davao City. 


Davao City is a blast, but sometimes you crave peace and quiet. Enter Malagos Garden Resort, your weekend warrior oasis just outside the city. Breathe in fresh air (and maybe a whiff of cocoa) surrounded by stunning gardens teeming with butterflies. Cool off in the pool, explore on a kalesa (horse-drawn carriage!), or spot majestic Philippine Eagles.

But the true star here is chocolate! The Malagos Chocolate Museum is Willy Wonka-approved. Learn how they transform modest cacao beans into melt-in-your-mouth masterpieces, complete with complimentary sampling! Feeling fancy? Become a chocolatier for a day through the workshop that they offer.

But, Malagos offers more than just delights. Cuddle bunnies at the petting zoo, or try Treetop Dining for a meal surrounded by tropical foliage.

So, if you’re in for some chocolatey goodness, make sure to include Malagos in your itinerary for a day (or days) of relaxation, adventure, and plenty of chocolates.

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Watatrip // 8 Places to Go to in Davao City


If you’re looking for something a little more unique (and maybe a tad spooky), then buckle up, bone voyagers, because D’Bone Collector Museum is calling your name!

This museum isn’t your dusty history haunt. It’s a treasure trove of over 5,000 skeletons, taking you on a wild ride through the animal kingdom. From the colossal 41-foot sperm whale skeleton that’ll make you feel like a shrimp to the toothy grin of a grizzly bear, D’Bone Collector Museum packs a punch.

The museum was founded by an American named Darrell Blatchley, who has a passion for collecting and preserving animal bones. Walking through the museum, you’ll find an impressive collection of over 700 specimens, ranging from the tiny bones of birds and fish to the massive skeletons of whales and elephants. It’s like stepping into a natural history wonderland!

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Watatrip // 8 Places to Go to in Davao City

One of the coolest things about D’Bone Collector Museum is how it’s set up, making this place perfect for curious minds of all ages. Kids will be wide-eyed at the sheer size of some skeletons, while adults might appreciate the educational tidbits sprinkled throughout. Plus, there’s a good chance you’ll spot something you’ve never seen before, from the world’s tallest bird to some creatures from the deep sea.

So, if you want to get away from the conventional tourist traps and discover the intriguing world of bones, D’Bone Collector Museum is a must-see. Simply prepare to have your mind blown (metaphorically, of course…unless you trip over a tibia).

Where to eat in Davao City

Rekado Filipino Comfort Cuisine

Rekado has quickly become a go-to spot for Filipino comfort food in Davao City. The restaurant offers a cozy and welcoming atmosphere where diners can enjoy classic Filipino dishes with a modern twist. Try their signature dish Kalderobo (Php445), Crispy Beef Tadyang (Php565),  Boneless Crispy Pata in Kare-kare sauce (Php910)

Whether you’re looking for a nostalgic taste of home or simply want to explore Filipino cuisine, Rekado promises a satisfying dining experience.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/rekadodavao

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Watatrip // 8 Places to Go to in Davao City

Jack’s Ridge

You gotta check out Jack’s Ridge in Davao City! Imagine this: you’re stuffing your face with sizzling sisig (Php240++) while looking down at the whole city twinkling like crazy. Talk about a view! 

They have all the Filipino favorites, from tangy sinigang to fresh-off-the-boat seafood. Aside from the food, you better try their drinks, especially their signature exotic fruit coffee such as mangosteen kapeccino, guyabano coffee, and durian coffee, all served either hot or cold. 

So, come hungry, bring your squad, and get ready for a night of good eats and stunning scenery at Jack’s Ridge!

FB: https://www.facebook.com/Jacksridge/

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Watatrip // 8 Places to Go to in Davao City

Balik Bukid Farm & Kitchen

Balik Bukid Farm & Kitchen in Davao City is far from your typical eatery. It’s a farm-to-table paradise where sustainability merges with mouthwatering Filipino and Asian cuisine. Imagine a charming, rustic spot with furniture made from upcycled materials – pretty cool, right?

The real magic, though, is on your plate. Balik Bukid sources fresh, high-quality ingredients from local small-scale farmers. Their menu is all about slow-cooked, organic, heirloom dishes that celebrate natural farming and sustainable living.

What’s even better? They cater to all dietary needs – vegetarians, vegans, and gluten-free folks will find plenty to love. Don’t miss their signature dishes, crafted from traditional recipes passed down through generations. Families rave about their “sumptuous meals” and the unique “bukid style” ambiance, which is a fantastic way to introduce kids to traditional Filipino culture.

FB: https://www.facebook.com/balikbukidako/

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Watatrip // 8 Places to Go to in Davao City

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